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How do you know which one is the best hiking backpacks?

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What’s the deal with backpacks? Well, nothing much, other than the fact that they are the single most essential gear every would-be hiker or trekker should have. For every outdoor event, you are expected to bring a piece of your world around with you and that small piece is contained in your hiking backpacks.

But with so many hiking backpacks sold in store these days, how do you know which one is the best?

Experts believe that when it comes to choosing the right hiking backpacks, the rule of thumb is this: “Buy right and pack light.” A large variety of hiking backpacks are available in the market today. They range from expensive to cheap, lightweight to ultra-lightweight, highly fashionable to real basic, etc. So again, that brings us back to the first question: How do you choose the right one?

Well, there are as many factors to consider when choosing the right hiking backpacks as there are as many varieties sold. But the first order of the day should be whether or not it sits comfortably on your shoulders and back. Your backpack should make it comfortable for you to carry your load during long and short trips alike.

Next to comfort is load distribution. Choose hiking backpacks that allow you to properly balance the weight so that most of the weight is supported by your spine. The closer your backpack fits to your body, the better it would be for you turn around every which way. In addition, it lessens the momentum of your backpack as it swings when you turn.

Next is size. A good backpack is one that fits the size of your torso. Hiking backpacks should also provide enough space for you to fit in most of your stuff. There should be enough room in there for your tent, blankets, food, water, etc. Adjustable hiking backpacks seem to be the fashion these days. With adjustable backpacks, size is not so much a concern as you can just set the height and weight of your pack in the perfect position on your back. However, note that adjustable backpacks are much more expensive than ordinary packs.

And finally, correct frame size is also a factor to consider when choosing hiking backpacks. Remember that every backpack is useless unless it has a correct frame size that is according to your body and shape. This is true regardless of your height or the quality of your backpack. These days, there are no more “one size fits all” packs. You would have to buy your things according to your specific hiking needs. Experts strongly believe that your torso size and your overall height are two completely different measurements and this difference is particularly emphasized when choosing the frame size of hiking backpacks.

So there you have all the indispensable considerations when buying backpacks. Remember that your backpack contains all of your items for survival in the wilderness, so choosing the right pack can very well mean the difference between safe and life-threatening situations.


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