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The 10 best free workout apps to get your heart racing

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If you’re like most people with a packed daily schedule, sometimes it feels like a huge inconvenience to get up after a long day to go work out.( If you merely have free time in the early mornings, dragging yourself out of bed is arguably worse .) Luckily, an effective workout is a quick download away with free workout apps that can motivate everyone, from the laziest loungers to fitness freaks.

Fad diet plans and gym memberships can cost you a pretty penny, or you can rely on these tried-and-true fitness apps to reaching your goals. Besides, your phone already motivates you to do almost everything else.

The best free workout apps

1) Sworkit

Screenshot via Sworkit Screenshot via Sworkit

Sworkit( short for” simply work it “) is on a mission to minimalize your routine and construct working out simple. Users have the option to pick more than 20 different pre-made workouts including cardio, yoga, strength train, and stretching. Each workout guides users with audio cues and short videos of real trainers who demonstrate the motions.

Besides the clean, user-friendly interface, the best thing about Sworkit is that it allows you to tailor specific workout durations to your schedule. Users can snag a quick or lengthy personal workout at any time of the day.

2) C2 5K

Screenshot via C25K Screenshot via C25K

C2 5k, otherwise known as” Couch to 5k ,” is the perfect workout app if you’re a novice trying to reach a defined aim. The app gets you off your couch, literally, and develops you in intervals to prepare you for running a 5k after an eight-week plan. Users will work out three times a week, with violates between each day, and each session lasts between 30 to 40 minutes. C25k is very user-friendly, and it helps you feel accomplished after each day is completed.

The point of the app is to show users that not everyone was born a runner–but you can easily transform into one.


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