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What are the great hiking spot in Washington?

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Seattle Washington’s Pacific Northwest is well known for its abundant Washington hiking opportunities. And fortunately for Washington hiking enthusiasts visiting this part of the State, there are some great Washington hiking spots and right next to Seattle’s doorstep.

Washington hiking along the Pacific Northwest’s forests and mountains is perfect if you are short on time but want to sample the splendiferous outdoors fun that Seattle has to offer. Washington hiking on either Tiger Mountain or Granite Mountain provides the best conveniently located hikes.

Both these Washington hiking trails are within an hour’s drive of downtown Seattle. Not only that, they both provide you with countless Washington hiking opportunities, including immersing yourself in lush forests, stretching your legs as you power up a steep trail, or ambling through high alpine meadows.

Which Washington hiking trail you choose to take may depend on your time and physical condition, or on whether you are merely looking for a quick break from the city or a true alpine experience.

Tiger Mountain Washington Hiking

Snug in the Cascade Range foothills only 30 minutes from downtown Seattle, Washington hiking on Tiger Mountain is your best bet when your schedule’s tight. If all you want is some quiet downtime wandering in the woods, Tiger Mountain offers the best Washington hiking you need. This Washington hiking mountain trail is part of Tiger Mountain State Forest, encompassing over 13,000 acres. It provides you with 80 miles of Washington hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding trails.

Its convenient location lets you easily plan a morning, afternoon, or even after-work Washington hiking excursion during the long Northwest summer days. Tiger Mountain is a popular destination, mainly because of its close proximity to Seattle. As a result, you may find a full parking lot when you get to the Washington hiking trailhead. However, don’t be discouraged by this tiny setback. The Tiger Mountain Washington hiking trail actually offers a surprising amount of solitude due to the area’s large network of trails, which readily disperses hikers throughout the area.

Granite Mountain

If you have a little more time and gumption, or if you seek a more alpine mountain experience, a one-day Washington hiking excursion up Granite Mountain might just be it.

Providing you with a tougher Washington hiking experience than Tiger Mountain, Granite Mountain is definitely not for the weak-kneed. However, if you don’t mind a little rough-walking, this Washington hiking trail rewards you with delightful gardens of granite splashed with wildflowers, sweeping views of Mount Rainier and teardrop alpine lakes and a historic Cascade Mountain fire tower.

And if you think that that is all that this Washington hiking trail offers, then you need to re-think that, because we haven’t even mentioned the best part of this trip yet: Granite Mountain. This mountain of a view is less than a one-hour drive from the bustle of downtown Seattle, easily accessible from Interstate 90.

The Granite Mountain Washington hiking trail is located on the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest and in the heart of the region’s self-named Mountains to Sound Greenway straddling Interstate 90.


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