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What are the hiking trips for Kauai?

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Crowned as Hawaii’s Garden Isle because of its lush and diverse terrain offering the ultimate in rainforest waterfalls, wilderness Kauai hiking trails, and even freshwater fun, Kauai Island is the only island in Hawaii that provides river kayaking, waterskiing, and cruises, along with Kauai hiking trips.

The island is known to awe visitors with its secret beaches and Na Pali Coast cruises. Stunning helicopter tours and horseback riding down the beach are also popular activities among tourists and locals alike. However, if you really want to experience the extreme diversity of Hawaii’s Garden Isle, then nothing beats a Kauai hiking trip up and down the Waimea Canyon, hailed by popular American author Mark Twain as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Or if not that, then go on a Kauai hiking trip through the Powerline Trail.

Kauai Hiking on the Powerline Trail

Running 13 miles from Princeville on the north side to the east side of the island of Keahua Arboretum near Wailua, the Powerline Trail is actually nothing more than a rough dirt and mud road. However, as this Kauai hiking trail progresses, you will find that it soon cuts through the interior of some of the lushest parts of the island’s northeast side.

Kauai hiking on the Powerline Trail can be strenuous and lasts six to seven hours, hence, its name. Because of this, only very few people decide to finish this Kauai hiking trail up to the end. Instead, they take the Kauai hiking trail up to a distance from either direction, then back track to their waiting vehicles parked at the trailhead.

For the most scenic route through this Kauai hiking trail, start your hike from Princeville. Granted that this is also the most popular Kauai hiking route that most people take (which means that you’ll be afforded very little solitude during the hike), the panoramic views that the trip offers more than makes up for it.

To start your Kauai hiking via this route, just turn inland at the Princeville Stables corner on Po’oku Road and drive 1.7 miles to the end of the pavement. Park your vehicle off the road and make sure to lock it, before heading up the Kauai hiking trail for your hike.

Kauai hiking is about 2 miles, following Hanalei River inland. There are lots of stunning drop offs along this Kauai hiking trail, and while the height is awe-inspiring, be careful of any danger. Vegetation, such as lush ferns and trees, on the side of the Kauai hiking trail can conceal cliffs.

When you are about one mile in the Kauai hiking trail, you will start to see the outline of Mt. Hihimanu against the sky. The mountain looms from across the Hanalei River and provides you with an excellent, breath-taking view of surrounding vegetation and countless waterfalls while Kauai hiking up the trail. And as you move further west, you will encounter Mt. Namolokama and the headwaters of Waioli Stream (Hawaiian for singing waters). Once you’ve enjoyed the views that this Kauai hiking trail has to offer, retrace your steps back to your car.


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